Independent Living

Independent Living is ideal for you because you wish to live independently with advantages of community support and daily opportunities for social interaction.

There is no need to worry about home maintenance, yardwork, etc. Enjoy our dining room without planning or cooking nutritious, balanced meals. We plan and organize group socials, ranging from field trips to Life Science Museums to lunch outings at Siegfried’s German bakery and Canyon Scenic Drives. If you like sports, welcome! You’ll enjoy home-theatre style football, basketball and baseball games. Do you want to give back to the community? Join us for humanitarian projects such as making yarn wigs for children with cancer or volunteering with projects in our Memory Care unit.

You’ll live on your own terms, come and go as you please, while having access to our staff at the press of a button for any assistance or guidance, day or night, 24/7.

After you’ve moved to Covington, you may decide that you need some additional services. If that’s the case, we’ll bring care to you with Assisted Living services.

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